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City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare It feels strange that this is the last one. I feel like so much happened, but not much at all. I'm not coping.

I am really looking forward to The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours now. ***
Okay it has been a couple of weeks since I read COHF now and I think I am in a better "mental space" to ramble about it or whatever.

This series was the first one I discovered on my own, I found it after the "Twilight" period and couldn't believe there were actually stories out there that were better, substantially better than Twilight.

The Mortal Instruments is the series that got me through my teenage years, and while I will never, ever love it as much as The Infernal Devices, it still holds a hugely special place in my heart, because without it I never would have read The Infernal Devices.

Saying that, this book, this series even probably isn't a 5 star worthy one. The writing isn't amazing literature, the plot isn't amazingly new and original, but for me it is home. The characters are my friends and I LOVE the world.

So yes, I am exceptionally bias when it comes to Cassandra Clare and I will love her forever, love whatever she writes, and everything she writes in the shadowhunter world will get 5 stars, because for me, these books are home.

*pretty much a disclaimer*
*I like what I like*