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Every Day

Every Day - David Levithan I feel as though I have touched something magical and enlightening. Something that reminds me of how wonderful life is, how wonderful it is to have constants, a mum, dad, sister, friends. People that would come to your funeral and remember you fondly.

This book feels like a gem. I touch it and feel like I've gained the wisdoms of one thousand lives. This book taught me that love transcends not only looks, and gender, race, religion, beliefs. The idea that your "ness" your soul, your personality, your being could be recognised by someone you loved and who loved you no matter what you looked like.

This books shits me to tears. My heart bleeds for A. And the strength it would have taken him to leave Rhiannon, it breaks my heart.

This book didn't give me the answers I wanted. It gave me the ones I need.

Go ahead. Read it. See what you think.