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Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3)

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell I've decided to review the whole series for this book in the one review, makes sense seeing as I practically read the whole series in one huge lump of time... Time... Hmmm, see what I unintentionally did there?

Surprisingly enough the simplicity of this story was wonderful for me! I loved how everything that was in the book was obviously in there for a reason and it all resolved in an acceptable manner. I liked the characters and I definitely felt that "Gwenny" grew in emotional maturity over the course of the three books, and that was substantially evident in the narrative voice, so kudos.

The only qualm I did have with these books was the somewhat awkward phrasing, which I quickly got over when I realised it was translated from german.

I had been wanting to read this series for a little while now, and by for a little while I mean around two months... I wasn't disappointed! Will I read it again? Maybe in the future, if I decide to buy it or really crave the story, but for now it was a good read and fairly light hearted, predictable in some manners and not so predictable in others.

For this book, age doesn't really seem to overly matter. A together book on time that I'll be lending to my sister to read.