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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth I am conflicted. I think I give this book 4 stars, but I could possibly give it 3.5.
I felt like the plot for the first three quarters of this book was slow, and frustrating and not as amazing as I hoped-haters gonna hate- for a final book in the series I felt like it just wasn't structured enough? Perhaps that's just me at the moment. Seriously though, a lot of this book reminded me of Mocking Jay. Don't hate me, I have been an advocate for the Divergent series all this year, telling all the customers in the bookstore it isn't like the Hunger Games at all, then this book left me thinking- We find a group of people outside and they turn out to be evil too: CHECK. We remove of said new evil people: CHECK. I seriously thought for half of this book that Tobias was going to lose his memory, like Peeta in the Hunger Games. Sorry guys.

Obviously I was proven wrong.

The ending totally made up for the rest of the book. I liked that Tris died, not to say my heart isn't totes broken from the jumping off the thing with the ashes- BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I liked what she did. Harry Potter style without the "comes back alive kapow" theme. Made the whole scenario slightly more realistic too.

I wasn't a big fan of the switching pov's. I found it confusing, but it totally made sense why she did it when Tris died. The whole book felt like a shadow of what it could have been, the characters didn't grow, it was like just existing for most of the book.

AND don't get me started on the FOURTRIS thing, seriously, what happened to the chemistry shit? This whole book felt whiny almost in the bits focused on their relationship. I wasn't even sad when they broke up/ almost broke up then BAM back together and sex. Like seriously? *eye roll* I definitely feel that the ending made up for the lost Tris/ Four chemistry, there seemed to be the characters I loved come back right at the end. THE END MADE THE BOOK.

Maybe when I re-read this book with the other ones next year my opinion will be different. Until then, I'm not in the midst of a Clockwork Princess meltdown. That shiz was intense.