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Switched  - Amanda Hocking As corny as this book was, I actually kinda liked it and will read the next two (if I can ever find them!)
Okay, yes this book was SO EPICLY corny that I had to control the urge to laugh, situations which should have been more... I dunno... Meaningful (mostly at the start) just was written in an ammaturistic way (ammaturistic, is that even a word? :P) It seemed almost like the writing of a wannabe 16 year old author (trust me I've read my own writing)
The characters were somewhat... Decent. I liked Matt, and Flinn, Rhys and Willa. Wendy was alright :)
The storyline was, a good one.
I dunno why, but it was an alright book.

Having cheated and read some spoilers I totally think the ending is NONSENSICLE and I'm hesitant to read the last two books...