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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins I'm at a loss. This series engulfed me these past two or three days, that's just it... I'm lost. In the Hunger Games, I came to care for Peeta and Katniss, even little Rue, who I knew was going to die in the end. I read the entire night just to find out what happened, the berries, genius just like everything else in that arena. I even found myself rooting just a little more for Gale. I finished the book, at some unwordly hour only to want to start the next one, Catching Fire. Instead I got some sleep and started it the next day. Things were different in this book, and to be honest I'm glad that they had to go back into the arena (for the storylines sake) but I was still a mess trying to figure it all out. Finnick grew on me, I couldn't work out who to trust and who to avoid, it was awesome writing :) There is no district 12 anymore??? It was an okay cliff hanger for me since I could just roll over and whip out the next book and start reading :) But I can't even imaginge the agony of waiting for everyone else...
A few hours later I started Mockingjay. Completely different book from the other two, so much so that they just felt like distant memories (perhaps that the genius of it all, that we too felt everything Katniss went through) 13 was strange, still, due to Katniss' indecision, I still couldn't decipher whether she was doing the right thing, being the face of the rebellion. Her and Gale seemed okay at the start, Peeta was getting worse (that whole situation was sad, that he didn't even seem to remember he loved her anymore! Writing agony at its best) I found trust in Boggs and got that sinking feeling when his legs blew off. Prim died, Finnick died who just finally got married to Annie, his one true love! pfft messed me up!... For ages after both of them died all I could think was Finnick, Finnick, Finnick, Prim, Prim, Prim... When Gale told her to shoot him but she thought he said go, was that the moment when their friendship broke? Is that when his love for her was severed?
Coin was just as evil as Snow, when she proposed the idea to put forth the descendents of all the wrong-dooers into their own Hunger Games, i found myself saying to the book "No, no this isn't right, no" crazy since they can't hear me, but I found a sense of relief when katniss shot her instead (come on, he died anyway!) I was happy with who they chose to be president after that :) I wanted her from the beginning. Gale didn't help her in the arena and when he said "that was all I had going for me" (keeping her family safe) I got confused. if Gale really loved her maybe he should have tried to help her, they were best friends. Gale, Gale, Gale... How could he betray her! :(
I became somewhat frantic in the last chapter, worried it was going to end badly, not many pages seemed to be left and all my questions still needed answering. She was a mess, Peeta came back (how did he get better? Does he rememeber he loves her?) The flowers, Buttercup :( When she asked what happened to Gale and Greasy Sae said he got some fancy job in district 2 and is sometimes on the tv. I knew he was a lost cause, Gale left her, without her sister, he changed, he would have been there otherwise. To help her, Gale, Gale, Gale. What happened to Gale???
Peeta and katniss seemed to be happy together in the epilogue, children, okay thats interesting :) But I finished this book with my heart wanting more. More details, More. Annie had a child (Finnicks) :( They made the book (I imagine it to be beautiful. Prim Prim Prim. All that effort to keep her alive, and whooshga. :(

These books changed me. On the inside, I reccommend them to you. Only downside is something didn't wrap up for me, or it was too hurried and now I need to know more.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books :)