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City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare SHIT!!! I hated what this book did to me!!! WHY YOU SO MEAN!
ALEC! Maureen is crazy :O Magnus :'( waaahhhhh
Jace all lighty :O :O :O sheeeetttttttt

Hated that Jace was possessed -_- made me feel irky. So good job there Cassandra Clare.

Well its 1:30 in the morning and my reviewing skills most likely are NOT at their best blah de blah

So glad she didn't leave a huge cliff-hanger other than Alec otherwise I would die having to wait soooo long!

Okay so it's the next day :) Brother Zachariah or however you spell it is a peculiar character indeed and I am (as I am presumably meant to be) curious about him. Loads of people seem to think its Jem or Will or Stephen. But I doubt it :) That would be way to obvious ;)
Tessa's necklace was in the institute! Well I assumed it was it. And that made me MEGA upset! Like "Hell no! That belongs on TESSA'S NECK!" Also, the female warlock that helped with Clary, I jumped to conclusions and assumed it was Tessa, I didn't know she could do magic though so maybe not. Peculiar that she (Jocelyn) didn't say the name, probably would have been too spoilery as to the ending of the Infernal devices. (If she marries Jem she will be Tessa Carstairs) SEE! Hahaha ;) yeah that's me jumping to conclusions AGAIN!
Luke got stabbed and I almost died myself! And the memory scene! Made my heart want to bleed. How sad to give up a happy memory, obviously there is a reason you remembered it in the first place. I do wonder what Magnus gave up, just curious ;)
Isabel is like crazy in love with Simon!!! Nawwww and now I likey Simon too!!! YAY for us all. Speaking of Simon... He lost his mark of Cain or whatever and now his superpowers are gone! (Bit sad isn't it, I kinda got used to him whipping out his mark whenever he wanted)
This book had a very different feel to it I thought, haven’t decided whether I like it more or less than the first three but I will see. It was interesting to see Jocelyn’s perspective for a bit, I liked that. I blanched when Camille was dead! Who kills Camille! And I was even more shocked when Alec just let Magnus walk away from their relationship! They have to get back together if Alec survives!
I wanted Jace to give himself up to the clave for a bit. And AMATIS! :’( waaahhhh. How sad. I was really proud of Clary when she plucked up the courage and stabbed Jace. That would have been really REALLY hard for her. But now he’s all heavenly fire and stuff. Hmmm… better fix that problemo. Seriously though! How much bad luck can you get! ;)
Jace isn’t virtuous. OBVIOUSLY! Mega curious about who he lost it to though :P even though we probably wont ever find out.

I really look forward to reading the end. I hope everything wraps up nicely and leaves me feeling like I haven’t wasted the past god knows how many years of my life.

Clockwork Princess next!! My heart babomdebooops for Will :) :) :)