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City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare JG was on the wall, just like in Clockwork prince how Jessamine wrote it. OOOH I LOVE it when books inter-relate and stuff :) But seriously, Jace and Sebastian? That's a peculiar ,mess indeed. What horrible lives they must live in this book to never seem to be happy (but then again what kind of book would it be if everything was perfect and amazing??? *rhetorical question* ONE YOU WOULDN"T WANT TO READ!) Okay though, being honest right now (and cross referencing series) I really REALLY want to know what is going to happen to Will and Tessa, I understand that A LOT of people are team Jem, and he's a great guy... But the way Cassandra Clare has written the books makes MY oppionion sway toward Will. Tessa actually wants Will, more then Jem, so how on earth is it fair that jem would marry someone who doesnt love him even if he is going to die.
Okay down to the cross referencing... How is it possible for Jace to exist if Will and Tessa get together... Yeah. He doesn't have any brothers as far as we know so unless some Herondale cousin of Will's is Jace's great great whatever I don't think that Will and Tessa are going to get together :'( HOWEVER! I'm not giving up hope yet. This time next year all my questions concering the characters from the clockwork doovy series will be all answered :) :) :)
Then I only have to wait till the next year for Jace and Clary's situations to be fixed!!! And we don't even really have a clue what that is! Book 4 is really just like the start of a new trilogy, leaving me with absolutely NO CLUE where this is going... I really can't wait till next year to find out though :) :) :)
Loving the books as always, no matter how much pain they cause me :P
What else would I think about??? hehe

How funny re-reading my predictions. Does Magnus want the Book of White to cure Jem?...